Better collaboration means better performance for supply chains worldwide.

Introducing Global Supply Chain Compliance (GSCC): a supplier relationship and management tool, providing the power of collaboration to international supply chains.

In the global supply chain, with its multiple partnerships and processes, progress can be slowed by duplication of efforts, fragmented partners and incomplete information. In the spirit of bringing new efficiency and performance to the industry, Intertek offers a powerful new way to collaborate with partners and peers, within and between global supply chains.

GSCC is a secure web-based application, enabling all international supply chain partners to work together through a single gateway, to plan, execute, monitor and bring to closure multiple compliance related activities across the international supply chain such as CSR, Environmental, Security and Quality.

This power of collaboration brings Retailers, Consumer Brands, Industry Associations and Suppliers closer together, minimizes risk and administrative costs, provides decision support, visibility and control, and reports on industry trends, enabling better compliance to standards and stronger business relationships worldwide.

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